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Clothing Tips for Summer - Men Fashion

A style-oriented man is always up for getting the best clothing options to impress. But maintaining the flawless style is difficult when the hot summers emerge. There begins an episode of compromising and limiting style options to cope up with the summer heat. To eliminate your sorrow, we have compiled a list of tips to help you stay in style throughout summers, while keeping your cool. Follow these tips mentioned below to beat the summer heat while keeping your wardrobe filled with stylish clothing articles.

Appropriate Hues and Fabrics in Summers

Summer brings along several challenges; limiting a few aspects while opening up several others. Summer clothing is one such challenge that men face with the advent of summers. To solve the issue, summer shirts for men are specifically designed using special fabrics and colors to keep you cool while staying stylish.

Every season has unique fabric and color options, specific to cater the challenges of that season. Same is true for Summer collection for men during warm months. Summer t-shirts for men are made from comfortable, lightweight, airy and spacious fabric to beat the heat. For maximum cooling experience, we appreciate if you look for men t-shirts having the below discussed attributes.

Lightweight Fabrics

There are probably hundreds of summer specific fabrics available on the market. We have researched through this huge list and have compiled a few best blends for you. The list of the best summer fabrics is discussed ahead.


Cotton is beyond doubt the lightest fabric for men's shirts in Pakistan and beyond. Cotton is used to make both dress shirts and casual shirts for men, as this is the most breathable cloth choice. Cotton is easy to design and maintain. The best casual shirts for men are designed using this cloth. For the amazing attributes it has, it is renowned as the king of summer fabrics for men.


Linen is a soft fabric with amazing comfortability. Made with more open weave, linen cloth allows more space for air flow. So, the breathability in this cloth type is mind-blowing and helps greatly in combating the summer heat. A nylon t-shirt design is more colorful and always seems soft and refreshing to the eyes. It is used for casual shirts designs for men.

Blending of different fabrics

For wider designs and colors, a blend of primary cloths makes for amazing colors and designs. Usually for formal shirts and dress pants, synthetic blends are best to create cool designs. Additionally, synthetic fibers are customized for specific purposes like clothing for formal meet-ups. Mostly synthetic blends are made from the mixture of cotton, silk, and linen. Which makes for a light and siry fabric, perfect for your summer goals.

Bright Summer Colors

Summer colors are countless but specific. Summer calls for light and bright colors and only then can you survive the brutal summer heat. Dark colors in summers will absorb the intense heat waves, which will obviously melt you. So, to enjoy colorful summers, be bright. We assure you that a bright colored dress shirt will mark your day a happy one. For formal set-up, white men's dress shirts will do the trick. For pants, sky blue denim jeans will suffice to beat the heat.

Spacious Fitting

We know how much your looks matter to you. But, summer heat will not be kind enough to allow you to have perfectly fit clothes that you have throughout the rest of the year. We recommend you to bring out your style in loose fit clothes because Summers will compel you to wear loose fit clothes to survive. Try straight dress pants and roomier cuts in formal shirtsFill your wardrobe with casual shirts for men having relaxed cuts. This tip will best help you in having a comfortable summer experience.

Dress-up Ideas for Professional Setting

You career matters and we are well aware of this mantra. Style basically resides in you, so experiment on your wardrobe collection keeping in mind the tips we have discussed. We recommend you to add cool and refreshing colors in your wardrobe with relaxed fit sizing. Furthermore, avoid black jeans and instead, opt for sky blue or light colored dress pants like beige colored or light brown. Add on to your summer accessories collection like watches and sunglasses. These gadgets will complement in bringing the lost style in you; owing to summers.

Stay Stylish even when Casual

Casual is usual and in usual life, you can play with your style ideas. There is a large variety of casual shirts for men in different fabrics and colors on the market. You can choose a light colored casual shirt or a t-shirt having a relaxed-fit size. This will mark your day pleasant owing to the comfortable choice.


Style is important to feel good about yourself. We have got your covered for the Summers with these tips and tricks discussed in this article. You can play with your style concepts keeping in mind these tips. Your style will not be compromised if you carefully select the right color, made from the right fabric. 

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